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Solitaire Lab Networks cordially welcomes you on our website.

All the understanding that we humans have in the world comes solely from the light of nature. This light of nature reaches from the visible to the invisible and is as wonderful here as it is there. In the light of nature, the invisible is visible.
Paracelsus 1493-1541

A Solitaire is not only an especially big and strikingly beautiful gem, but also a particularly beautiful and individually standing tree in nature.
The history of medicine is such a tree which holds treasures of medical/pharmacological knowledge in its branches. Alchemy, spagyrics and ethnopharmacology are branches of this tree, which we research in their basics.
But research, to us, also means a challenge for the consciousness and the possible birth of a new way of being.

We merge old, forgotten knowledge of healing and today's science. If you are an unbiased and interested person, here you will find information that you have probably searched for for a long time.


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